Gender Confirmation Center

The Gender Confirmation Center is a clinic based in San Francisco, dedicated to empowering trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive people to become their authentic selves. Dr. Mosser sees his role as listening carefully to his patients’ desires and goals, offering them options, medical advice, and a thorough discussion of what to expect. He then applies his technical and aesthetic skills to the fullest extent to help them accomplish their goals. Dr. Mosser believes that the best results are obtained when he first understands the priorities of his patients, and then empowers them with understanding of what leads up to and follows surgery, ensuring that the patient has realistic goals about what can be achieved. All the while, Dr. Mosser emphasizes a superior level of service and compassion from start to finish, with the hope that his patients are constantly aware that they have the full support of Dr. Mosser and his professional staff from the initial consultation to complete recovery.